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Mike Curtis is well known for creating beautiful and inspiring wildlife sculptures in bronze. He has been sculpting the bald eagle since 1971 and is considered the foremost sculptor of this magnificent creature. His artistic and accurate renditions of the bald eagle are widely recognized as those best capturing the beauty and freedom of our nation's proud symbol. Throughout the year, Bald Eagles dive in the lake after fish and perch in the trees near his studio. Studying eagles in the wild, Curtis observes their courtship rituals, nesting habits, and drawing their catches from the waters of the lakes and rivers. His commanding portrayals of the powerful and symbolic eagle remain unequaled.

Exhibitions of Curtis sculptures include the Audubon Art Exhibition in Alaska and The National Sculpture Society in New York. His sculptures have also been exhibited in museums across the country, most notably: the Alaska Museums Tour organized by the Gulf Oil Corporation; the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum; and the Museum of the Rockies.

Nature preserves and wilderness locations have acquired Mike Curtis wildlife sculptures. Among these are: the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark; the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin; and Eagle Nook Wilderness Resort located in Barkley Sound on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Mike Curtis sculptures have been presented both to and by United States Presidents. In 1989 he was the artist chosen by the White House to prepare a work of art, presented by President George H.W. Bush to the Chinese, which would symbolize the proud heritage of the United States. A Mike Curtis sculpture was also selected for presentation to President Gerald R. Ford upon his retirement. In 2009 “Eagle Rock” was purchased for the permanent collection of the Presidential Conference Center hotel. The life-size bald eagle sculpture is prominently displayed in the lobby of the anchor hotel for the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Project Agency has commissioned Mike Curtis bronze sculptures for presentation to the winning competitors of one of the world’s most prestigious events. The highly competitive event draws engineers and talented designers from around the world engaged in scientific research and the design of future technologies.

Mike Curtis bronze sculptures are featured in “Contemporary Wildlife Art” a curated selection of contemporary works focusing on the best of wildlife art. Authored by Cindy Ann Coldiron and published in 2015 by Schiffer Publishing, this outstanding book features spectacular art pieces by the leading wildlife artists from several countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Curtis sculptures have also been featured in numerous noteworthy art magazines and publications such as “Sculpture Review Magazine - The National Sculpture Society”, "Wildlife Art News”, “Art Today”, “Art West”, and “Best of Worldwide Sculpture”.

Mike Curtis and Carl Artman, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs
Above right: Mike Curtis prepares an Eagle Monument for installation.

To honor our bravest heroes, Mike Curtis has been commissioned to create sculptures for Veterans Memorials across the country. For the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of our country, Curtis was commissioned to sculpt the POW/MIA Bronze Eagle Memorials for both Fort Benning and the city of Columbus, Georgia. Dedicated at a special Freedom Ride Ceremony, the first memorial was installed outside the Columbus Government Center. The sculpture depicts an eagle that has just broken free from its chains, above an engraved granite monument. A Gathering of Eagles book series Prisoners of Hope prominently features the Curtis sculpture on its cover. Stories of leadership, courage, and faith, this inspiring book by Col Jimmie Dean Coy is dedicated to "those men and women who endured more for the cause of freedom than any other single group, The American Ex-Prisoner of War."

To commemorate the sacrifices made by the sons and daughters of Greene County, Iowa, Curtis was commissioned to provide a sculpture for a special memorial honoring all of Greene County's fallen soldiers. The memorial was presented to the citizens on behalf of the family of Lance Corporal Benjamin Robert Carman, lost in Iraq. The American Eagle sculpture "Flight" was selected as the centerpiece of the memorial. Each side of the granite pedestal, on which the sculpture is mounted, has a century 1800's, 1900's and 2000, with the number of Greene County service men and women that have paid the ultimate price of freedom in the course of freedoms fight. The memorial has been placed in the County's Courthouse.

Curtis was commissioned to sculpt five life-size eagles for the All Veterans Memorial Park in New Mexico, situated along the banks of the Animas River. The memorial recognizes the contributions of all American Veterans - past, present, and future.

In addition to Georgia, Iowa, and New Mexico, Curtis has been commissioned to create bronze sculptures for Veterans Memorials in California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

A life-size bronze eagle, created by Mike Curtis, was acquired by the State of Mississippi for the War Memorial Building "Patriotism Experience Museum" in the State Capitol. The historical museum proudly pays tribute to the soldiers of all wars and those who have sacrificed to bring the state forward.

A Curtis eagle sculpture was commissioned in 2011 for the 9/11 Memorial which was constructed for Diamond in the Pines, Town of Brookhaven, New York. The bronze eagle is landing on a section of steel from the World Trade Center Towers. The 9/11 Memorial honors the victims, rescue workers, and veterans of the war on terror.

In a 2003 ceremony held during the annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) in Washington, D.C., a Curtis sculpture was presented in conjunction with a special scholarship award created on behalf of SGT Major Larry Strickland, senior adviser on personnel issues to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Army. SGT Major Strickland was lost on September 11th, when American Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. His scholarship recognizes noncommissioned officer involvement in the development of soldiers through education.

Dedication of the Culver Academies Centennial Eagle

Mike Curtis was the artist selected to design and sculpt the "Culver Centennial Eagle" for the Culver Military Academies in Indiana. The inspiring monumental-size sculpture, depicting a bald eagle with a fifteen-foot wingspan, was dedicated on the one-hundredth year anniversary celebration of this historic institution.

Dedicated to law enforcement officers worldwide who have given the ultimate sacrifice, a Mike Curtis Bronze Sculpture was commissioned and installed at the FBI National Academy Hall of Honor, Quantico, Virginia.

Mike Curtis has been commissioned to create sculptures for the NASCAR races, which were presented in Atlanta, Daytona, and Bristol Tennessee. "Waves of Success", "Flight", "Challenge", and "The Tribute Eagle" were among those presented. At the Bass Pro Shops/MBNA 500 Winston Cup Races - Atlanta Motor Speedway, winners Jeff Gordon (October 2003) and Jimmie Johnson (October 2004) were presented with Curtis sculptures. The 2003 race was dedicated to the sportsmen of America, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the National
Wildlife Refuge System and its creator, President Teddy Roosevelt. To commemorate the event, Curtis was commissioned to help create the "Roosevelt-Rough Rider Trophy". Steve Williams, Director of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, served as Grand Marshal for the race and helped with the presentation of the Mike Curtis sculpture to the race winner. July 2004, at Daytona International Speedway, Mike Curtis sculptures were presented to Kerry Earnhardt, Richard Childress, and Wayne Lapiere NRA. August 2016, at Bristol Motor Speedway, a Mike Curtis sculpture was presented to winner Kevin Harvick at the Bass Pro Shops/NRA Race.

Commissioned for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, this permanently installed Curtis sculpture stands as a monument to the pair of bald eagles which nested under the old bridge since the late 1990s. In June 1998 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, during a routine regional flyover, identified the Bald Eagle nest in Betty Blume Park, located in Prince George’s County, Maryland south of the Beltway near the National Harbor property. The pair of bald eagles gained national attention and affectionately came to be known as George and Martha Wilson, the first family of eagles located at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

Proudly displayed at the University of South Carolina, in the center of the Gameday lobby, is the realistic and symbolic "Fighting Gamecock" bronze sculpture by Mike Curtis. Establishing a new and honorable tradition at the university, each of the football players touch the Fighting Gamecock sculpture on their way to the stadium as a symbol of unity and commitment.

The University of Texas commissioned Mike Curtis to create a monumental size eagle sculpture for the UT Tyler campus. The impressive sculpture was installed in the spring of 2017, directly in front of the new Alumni building on the campus of the University.

St. Mary’s Health Care System commissioned “Touchdown” by Mike Curtis, completed with a realistic looking white head and tail, for installation at the entrance to St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens, Georgia. Dedicated in honor of Military Veterans, the sculpture was installed in 2017.

Numerous corporations and individuals have selected Curtis sculptures for their own collections, as well as for their most important and memorable presentations. Several private resorts have commissioned Mike Curtis sculptures as well. One of which is a life-size Red Tail Hawk sculpture which was installed in 2005 at the site of the beautiful new Heathrow Country Estates RedTail Golf Club, Heathrow, Florida. Listed among the many well-recognized collectors of his work is Astronaut Eugene Cernan, the last man to step foot on the moon's surface and the commander of the Apollo 17 mission and the Lunar Landing Module Challenger. Captain Cernan has acquired, for his own collection, number 17 of the majestic American Bald Eagle sculpture "Narrow Escape".

Astronaut Eugene Cernan at home, with his “Narrow Escape” by Mike Curtis. In his hands Captain Cernan is holding the badly burned helmet from his 1971 helicopter crash, which occurred while he was training, practicing moon landings.

Mike Curtis has fond memories of his childhood, growing up on the California coast and in the rugged mountains of Colorado. Born in Los Angeles, his family later moved to a small rustic log cabin on eighty acres in the Colorado wilderness. His days were spent exploring, fascinated by the variety of wildlife that inhabited the remote area. It was here that his love of nature and connection to his subjects began. Returning to California as a young boy, he discovered an appreciation for the beautiful California coastline and the sea life that inhabited the ocean waters. Shortly after serving his country in the United States Army, Mike and his wife Marlene moved to the Pacific Northwest where they raised their son Jason and daughter Elaine. A tree-covered mountainside in Northern Idaho, overlooking Lake Pend Oreille, is now the location for the home and studio of this renowned sculptor. The scenic area is a gathering spot for bald eagles and abundant with wildlife, a perfect environment for an artist who is a master sculptor of wildlife subjects.

Mike Curtis sculptures are available in sizes ranging from desk-size to indoor/outdoor life-size, and monumental-size commissions. His selection of impressive Limited Edition Bronze Wildlife Sculptures are collected worldwide and are ideal for personal collections, individual gifts, and corporate presentations.

For over 45 years the studio of Mike Curtis has been shipping fine art sculptures to collectors and corporations around the world. All sculptures are expertly packed and shipped from the artist's North Idaho studio via FedEx or UPS, to your home or business.

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